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Kick-Type 12-Inch Sod Cutter

Effortlessly Remove Unwanted Grass with Our 12 Inch Kick-Type Sod Cutter

- Precise Cutting: The 12-inch blade of the sod cutter allows for precise cutting, making it easy to create straight lines and clean edges. This is especially important for landscaping projects that require precision and attention to detail.
- Cost-Effective: Compared to other lawn removal tools, such as excavators or skid steers, a kick-type sod cutter is a more cost-effective option. It requires no fuel or electricity, and is easy to maintain, making it a great investment for homeowners and landscapers alike.

A sod cutter is a gardening tool that is used to remove a layer of grass and soil from the ground. The kick type sod cutter is a manual tool that requires the user to push down on a lever with their foot to engage the blade. The 12-inch wide blade is perfect for small to medium-sized lawns and gardens. The tool is designed to make the process of removing sod easy and efficient. With its sturdy construction and sharp blade, the sod cutter can quickly and easily cut through even the thickest layers of grass and soil. Whether you're starting a new garden or simply looking to remove some old sod, the kick type sod cutter with a 12-inch wide blade is the perfect tool for the job.